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Business restructuring

The options available for your business structure  range from operating  as a  sole trader, a partnership,  a limited company  or an LLP. Therefore getting to grips with the differences in these and working out what works best for you is bewildering.

The choice of structure for your new or existing business will have a huge  impact on your taxation position  and financial protection. Like a lot of things in life there is not just one solution to fix everyone’s situation, it is therefore essential that you carefully consider the best structure for your business.

Business Restructuring

Additionally, as tax legislation, the business profile  and your personal circumstances will constantly change over time it is essential that you review that the current structure to ensure that this remains the best structure available.

Here at Wells we like to understand our clients’ business and financial  requirements to ensure that we can provide bespoke advice for their  particular needs. We are happy to explain all the options available to you and will  review how each will impact on your specific situation.

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