Wells Associates is committed to promoting Equality and Diversity and takes positive steps to ensure the avoidance of any forms of discrimination.

This approach underpins the firm’s values and enables us to build strong relationships by treating everyone with integrity and respect.

The firm collects workforce diversity data about the diversity make-up of the firm’s workforce annually. All staff are given the opportunity to self-classify against a range of diversity characteristics. A summary of the firm’s workforce diversity data is summarised below.

Age Range as a percentage

Age Range % of staff
16-24 25%
25-34 35%
35-44 20%
45-54 5%
55-64 10%
65 and over 0%
Prefer not to say 5%

Gender breakdown as a percentage

Role Category Male Female
ICAEW Chartered Accountant 5% Partner

5% Manager

Other Chartered Accountant 10% Training 5% Partner
Other Accountant

5% Training
5% Qualified
5% Manager

10% Manager
5% Training

Other profession

5% Manager

5% Partner
5% Manager

Other 5% 20%
Prefer not to say 5%  

Staff ethnic breakdown as a percentage

Black, Asian & Ethnic minority 5%
White 85%
Multiple Ethnic groups 5%
Prefer not to say 5%


Would consider themselves  to have a disability Would not consider themselves to have a disability Rather not say
0% 95% 5%


Faith or Belief Percentage of Staff
Christian 5%


No Religion 85%
Prefer not to say 5%

Sexual Orientation

Hetrosexual/Straight 90%
Homosexual 0%
Other 5%
Perfer not to say 5%

Socio Economic Background

If attended University, were you the first generation in the family to do so?

Yes 30%
No 10%
Did not attend 55%
Prefer not to say 5%

Attended a fee paying school between the ages 11-18?

Yes 5%
No         85%        
Prefer not to say 5%
Attended schools outside the UK 5%

Did parents complete a University degree?

Yes 25%
No 65%
Prefer not to say 10%

High level of qualification?

2+ A Levels 20%
Undergraduate Degree 25%
Professional Qualifications   40%  
AS Level/Higher Diploma 5%
Non-UK Qualification 5%
Prefer not to say 5%

Your household received income support?

Yes 0%
No    70%   
I don't know 15%
Prefer not to say 15%

Caring Responsibilities

Primary carer for a child or children under 18?

Yes 30%
No      65%    
Prefer not to say 5%

Look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours
or others because of either long-term physical or mental ill-health or problems
relating to old age

No     80%    
Yes, 1-19 hours 15%
Prefer not to say 5%

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