The purpose of this program is to set out clearly how you can progress within our firm by detailing what is expected at each stage.

The future of our business is the new trainees. They will be the partners and managers of the future and bring fresh ideas , skills and energy to the business. It is therefore important to set out right from the beginning what milestones they need to be achieve to progress to each stage.

Throughout your time with us you will be encouraged to market the firm and its services. You will be provided with business cards and an entertaining allowance. You may have friends who join banks or firms of solicitors and they can be great sources of client introductions so talk to them about your job & what the firm does.

You will also be encouraged to join in our social events. We like to have fun and celebrate our successes and this is a key element of our culture.

Before you start

Before you start training with us you will have been identified as bright , hardworking and a team player. The culture of our firm and what we do will have been discussed with you so that you are immediately in tune with the rest of the team.

You will have identified the professional qualification you are aiming for which usually will be the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants but may also be another form of accountancy qualification or a tax based qualification.

Stepping Stones Program From Trainee to Partner


There is a mix of training from both external and internal sources aimed at making you a rounded professional with good technical , personal and commercial skills. There are several stages to the training process.

At the start you learn the basics of accounting. This may involve book keeping and basic accounts preparation. You may go to clients with more senior staff to carry out work at their business premises. One of the more senior trainees will take responsibility for training and helping you with this work as well as offering support and advice with regard to your professional training and any other work or personal issues you chose to share with them. At this stage you are also expected to ‘muck in' by for example sometimes making the tea or running errands.

By year two you should understand the basics of accounting and will be building on the skills acquired in year one. You may be starting to do some basic tax work and should have some client contact perhaps by telephone or email regarding queries on their accounts. The tea making and running errands will largely have stopped because a new intake of trainees will have joined.

In year three you should be well advanced with your professional training and will be expanding and developing your skills learned in the first two years. You will now be reporting to a manager and will be expected to work on your own initiative in terms of managing your workload. You will also by now be responsible for one of the new trainees and will have learned to delegate work to them and train them on the basics. You may also be seconded to our personal tax department around this time.

This is likely to be for about three months under the supervision of a personal tax manager when you will experience preparing clients self assessment tax returns and tax computations and drafting letters to clients. There will be more direct client contact and you will be dealing with some basic technical questions. At this stage you may well have developed an interest in a specific area of work and we will look to harness that interest in terms of the type of client work allocated to you.

By year four you should be qualified or near qualified. You will have experience of a range of accountancy based work such as book keeping , accounts preparation ,audit, taxation and providing technical advice to clients and may well have developed a particular specialism. You will have developed good communication skills both verbal and written and other personal skills such as delegation , supervision and time management and commercial skills . You will have displayed an ability to work as part of a team or independently , to meet deadlines and to be innovative in your thinking and add value for clients.

Newly qualified manager

Now the work really starts. You are newly qualified and we will appoint you as a manager in one of our departments to suit your skills and interests. The nature of your work will change to more client facing and working directly with partners on client matters. You will be managing workflow and some trainees. What you are really doing is refining and developing the skills learned in the training process but without the burden of exams - working on your job rather than your qualification.

Senior manager

This stage may be reached two to five years after qualification. At this stage you may be managing a portfolio of the firms smaller clients or working closely with the partners on the management of larger clients and specialist projects. You will probably also be involved in the management of the business in certain areas and will be marketing and selling the firms services to clients and prospective clients as well as building referral relationships with other professionals and businesses that can provide services to our clients. In short your job is primarily to look after what we have already got.


Usually partnership would only be offered to suitable senior managers after around five years of post qualification experience.

This isn't for everyone. The buck truly stops here and as a partner you are accountable to your fellow partners and you incur risk on their behalf through decisions you take every day.

To be a partner in our firm you need to add to what we already have - to make a difference. This could be in the form of a specialist skill , an exceptional ability to bring in new clients or by being a great all-rounder.

A new partner is expected to buy a share in the goodwill of the partnership and to help fund the working capital. We will help with either external or internal funding if required. We believe that all partners should have an equity stake in the business to ensure that our decision making is driven towards the same goal of protecting and enhancing that goodwill.


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