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Probate is the process of proving the validity of a will (if there is one), confirming who has authority to administer the estate in question, and distributing the estate to its beneficiaries. It’s an essential part of wrapping up the financial affairs of someone who is recently deceased but is never the most pleasant process for someone to have to go through.

At Wells Associates, our probate service aims to help you make the entire process run as smoothly as possible. From helping you get access to bank accounts, settle debts and sell assets to a review of the estate and the will, we’ll help you throughout the entire process. Typically, probate takes around six months to complete. With us at your side, it certainly won’t take any longer than it absolutely needs to.

The exact length of time it will take to complete your case depends on the estate. After all, every estate is different. Generally, the simpler and more scaled back it is, the quicker it will be distributed among beneficiaries. This might happen if there is no property in the estate, or the property sells very quickly. Whatever the complexities of your case, we’ll work with an eye for detail and our experience in probate to deliver for you.

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