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Our finance team are an essential part of the management team in an ambitious and growing company. They are the man or woman on the ground, offering on-the-spot advice, guidance and financial analysis. It is their job to nurture growth and develop the business. They are also key if you want to build credibility with investors and banks. But not every business is able to commit to a new hire. Others may only need part-time support.

As financial experts with analytical minds and eyes for detail, we can work as your in-house accounts team, providing full functions like day-to-day business accounting such as payroll and bookkeeping to help guide and improve your finances.

Our financial director service gives you flexible support as you chase the growth you’ve been yearning for. We take an active role in helping, as we understand one size will never fit all when it comes to businesses.

That said, we respect any boundaries you deem necessary. However, for our service to really benefit you, our work should be as collaborative as possible. After all, it gives us the chance to effect real change in your business and any positive growth for you helps us in our mission to help the most ambitious people in the country.

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