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HM Revenue enquiries for businesses

You might not realise it, but HMRC doesn’t actually need a reason to open up an enquiry into a business’s tax affair and can open one at random, including into those in which everything appears to be in order. However, HMRC is much more likely to start an enquiry selected on the significance of a tax or if there is a suspicion something is wrong.

No matter how one starts, an HMRC enquiry is costly and time-consuming. For a lot of businesses that are unprepared, they can be devastating.

To keep the costs low, you need to keep a tax enquiry short. While that’s easier said than done alone, with us at your side, you’ll be able to present a strong defence that allows a swift resolution to be met. We’ll handle HMRC for you, provide a full representation, take care of all correspondence and meet the tax inspectors for you. That way, you can get back to business with peace of mind knowing your enquiry is being professionally handled.

Of course, you can keep HMRC away in the first place by making sure your business is completely tax compliant. While we would be happy to help you with that too, remember that some enquiries are random. So, don’t get caught out and contact us today so we can represent you at a moment’s notice.

HM Revenue enquiries for personal

Just like HMRC’s enquiries into the tax affairs of businesses, it also has the right to enquire into the tax affairs of individuals. These are also selected by how risky HMRC thinks a tax situation is, there are also a number of random selections. That means no matter how compliant you are with the tax code, you are always at risk of being selected for a tax enquiry. And, if you have particularly complicated tax affairs, that risk is only increased.

Unfortunately, defending yourself in an HMRC enquiry can be very costly and time-consuming, especially if you aren’t being represented by a professional. As expert accountants who understand the tax regime and its implications, we’ll be able to present a strong defence and keep you from paying a fine. If one is due, we also know how to keep your penalty as low as possible.

If you subscribe to our tax HMRC personal tax enquiry service, we will respond to HMRC for you and provide you with full representation, handling all correspondence and meeting with the tax inspectors at no extra cost to you.

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