Expatriates and residency planning

Tax advice for ex-pats

If you’re an ex-pat, dealing with your tax affairs can feel complicated. There are various different rules depending on your residency and domicile status. You might even get taxed twice on your income in certain situations.

If you live outside the UK or plan to do so in the future, we at Wells Associates can help you with all professional and knowledgeable guidance – we’ll help you understand and plan for your tax obligations.

Making sense of your tax obligations can be difficult at the best of times, so when you add cross-jurisdictional and even foreign language complications, it’s easy to see why some ex-pats worry about tax, particularly when they have more assets located in one country.

But moving abroad should be an exciting experience. And because it will almost never be a stress-free experience, we make it our mission to make the transition easier for you by doing what we can. Talk to us about your tax affairs.

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