Inheritance tax planning

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Inheritance tax can be a significant concern for families when planning for the future and there are various ways in which the overall tax burden can be reduced, but it’s important that all facts are taken into account and to make sure that the potential tax savings don’t distract from your future needs and wants.

Taking a holistic approach is key when it comes to inheritance tax planning and far too often the needs of the individuals’ can be forgotten. Any planning in this area needs to focus on your future requirements and then suitable planning options can be built around this. We can help you to consider the issues that are really important and explain the options available.

The use of trusts in inheritance tax planning is also an area which may be suitable to explore further and offer opportunities to provide for the next generations whilst saving tax and offering asset protection. Often inheritance tax will not even be a main driver for thinking about trusts and how they can benefit your family.

We can help you to consider all of your options and advise you on the benefits and implications of each course of action. To find out more about how we can help please contact us.

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